Wedding Services

If you're planning a very special event then, firstly, 


Let's chat about how I can work with you to create something magical! 


Celebrating diversity and uniqueness, I welcome  couples from all backgrounds and it's my absolute pleasure to offer wedding, commitment and vow renewal ceremonies.

From beginning to end, I'll work with you to arrange a beautiful bespoke ceremony which aligns perfectly with your values and beliefs.

I can provide as much advice and guidance as you need around fundamentals such as the general format and structure and also readings, poems and music.

When it comes to vows and promises, you can write your own, of course, but I'm there to help with suggestions and crafting the precise words, if needed. 

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So Much Choice!

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Whether you're considering a small and intimate ceremony, something on a much grander scale to rival Bridgerton or Downton Abbey, or anything in-between, you have options!

In terms of venue, your ceremony can be held wherever and whenever you like: in castle grounds at sunrise; in a marquee in the garden at noon; by a lake at sunset. The choice is yours! 

Venues do not need to be licensed but do ensure you have the landowner's or venue's permission beforehand! 

You may wish to think about any symbolic enhancements you'd like to be part of your ceremony such as handfasting or Jumping the Broom. Perhaps you're devising something of your own? I'm happy to incorporate anything you choose without an additional charge. 

Whether you go for something traditional, modern, quirky or a blend of all three, I'd be delighted to accommodate your requests.

Plus, I have tons of ideas if you need them!

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I still have some availability for 2022 weddings & vow renewals, plus my diary is open for 2023/4!

As a ceremony conducted by a celebrant isn't legally binding, do make sure to make appropriate arrangements with a registrar to take care of the legal formalities.

This could happen on the same day as your celebrant-led wedding or any other day.

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