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Naming & Welcome 


Celebrating a new addition? How wonderful! 


A naming or welcome ceremony is the perfect way to introduce children to your family and friends. 

Perhaps you've had a baby and are looking for an alternative to a christening that will be formal yet fun? Maybe you've adopted a child or are celebrating the coming together of a step-family? 

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Naming and welcome ceremonies are so flexible. They can take whatever shape and form you wish: modern/contemporary, indoor/outdoor.

They can be completely non-religious or include religious elements, whatever fits with your own personal beliefs and values. If you prefer a non-religious option, you could appoint guideparents or supporting adults (an alternative to godparents) who can make personal promises and pledges to your child/children.   

Ceremonies can be held as a stand-alone special occasion or be combined with another special event such as a birthday party. 

Whatever you're looking for, I can create the perfect ceremony.

Let's celebrate!

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