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Funeral Services

It is an absolute honour and privilege to lead any ceremony, not least a funeral. 


Firstly, my sincere condolences if you have reached my page at a time when you are experiencing a bereavement. Arranging a funeral service for a loved one is one of the most difficult things you will ever have to do and I aim to help make the process as smooth as possible.   

​Every life is unique. I craft bespoke ceremonies, with or without religious elements, befitting each unique individual. 

My services include celebrations of life; memorials; scattering of ashes ceremonies; burials; ceremony pre-planning service; eulogy-writing. ​

As an independent celebrant, I regularly work alongside several funeral directors who book my services on behalf of their clients.  

I also receive direct bookings on personal recommendation.



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A celebrant-led funeral is extremely flexible.

As with any ceremony, I can advise on a general structure and, with a background teaching English and an interest in poetry, I can provide advice on suitable poems and/or readings for inclusion, should you request it. 


It's lovely to include music choices which hold special meaning and I've heard everything from Mozart to rock music in recent months which is fabulous! Again, if you're struggling for ideas, I can assist with appropriate choices. 

Memorial Services

You may have already held a funeral for your loved one. 

Perhaps you weren't able to have the funeral service you would have wanted and are considering a memorial.

A memorial service of any duration at a venue which holds special meaning (such as a hotel, community centre,  sports club or your own home) can be a wonderful opportunity to share special memories with family and friends. 


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